S1E1: Faith & Work 101

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Welcome to the Faith & Work podcast! In this brief episode, the staff of Denver Institute talks through a broad overview of faith and work, and a few of the spiritual issues around the topic: What does it mean to have a “broadened view” of the gospel? What does it mean that God loves the world, as well as the individuals in it?


Joanna’s quote from Andy Crouch: “Make something of the world by stewarding it, by developing the world in front of us, by working in this blessed alliance of men and women to make something of the world.”

Christ’s mandate: “And he said to them, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.’” (Mark 16:15, NLT)

The article Joanna referenced from The Center for Public Justice: The Families Valued Initiative

Jeff’s quote from Os Guinness: “Grand Christian movements will rise and fall. Grand campaigns will be mounted and grand coalitions assembled. But altogether, such coordinated efforts will never match the influence of untold numbers of followers of Christ living out their calling faithfully across the vastness and complexity of modern society.”

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