Ready to Rise: Authentic, Impactful Leadership with Jo Saxton

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How can Christian leaders encourage those around them to live into their own influence? And what does it mean to be aware of the struggles women face in the workplace. Join Joanna Meyer and Jo Saxton, an accomplished author and speaker, as they discuss female leadership in the workplace.  


On being your own advocate:

"I've seen a lot of women waiting to be discovered and doing so by doing more work than needed. Putting themselves in positions which have left them vulnerable. Always taking the notes in a meeting, always getting the teas or the coffees. In a heart for service, and hoping that someone would turnaround and look and say, 'Look what this woman brings to the table.' And actually what's happened is, they just assume that she likes making coffee..."

On listening and observing:

"I think one of the great leadership skills that all leaders are always seeking to develop is that we lead by listening. And I think there's lead by listening and observing. When I say listening what I mean is- is there a way that you can hear from the women in your department and for them to safely be able to tell you what their experience has been without them fearing the consequences?"

On owning your gifts:

"I want you to check yourself and say, where have you hidden your gifts and called it humility? Where have you left your God-given gifts unwrapped? And to face that, and there may be trauma around that and all kinds of things. If that's the case, then it's time to get a counselor. It really is, because you're worth the healing. And then I would encourage you to say, let's start taking steps. Let's start dreaming again."


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