Watch Now: The Politics of Neighborly Love

Christian Citizenship in a Divided Age

Recent election cycles have left many Christians feeling discouraged, disillusioned, and dejected. America’s two-party system has left many believers feeling politically homeless when casting a vote feels like compromising values. Tweet storms and partisan bickering have replaced constructive dialogue and keep us from asking deeper questions about what it means to be citizens and followers of Jesus Christ.

On Thursday, September 17, 2020, more than 400 people from across the U.S. gathered for an online forum focused on serving the common good through political engagement. With a keynote from Justin Giboney and a panel discussion featuring Gov. Bill Haslam, Scott Sauls, and Stephanie Summers, the event helped to develop a biblical, non-partisan framework for understanding our role as Christian citizens and examined critical issues in this fall’s election.

“The Politics of Neighborly Love” is available to watch on-demand. Complete the form below to receive a link to view the broadcast and download the discussion guide.

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