Media, Marketing & Storytelling

Brian Gray

How does marketing and communications contribute to the work of God today?

Hear how a panel of marketers and public relations experts answered this question at our 2015 event "Media, Marketing & Storytelling." Panelists are T.C. Johnstone of Gratis 7 Media Group, Eric Brown of Whiteboard, Grady Powell of Openfields, Jill Anschutz (Hamilton) of SE2 and Jesse Marble of  Magneti Marketing.



Brian Gray

Brian is the VP of Formation here at DIFW and also leads our 5280 Fellowship program. Prior to landing at DIFW, he served in pastoral ministry for thirteen years and at Denver Seminary for four years. His vocation includes moving ideas out into life through relationships and conversation – whether that applies to God, work, the Church, good beer, or Liverpool Football Club. He married way out of his league, and spends most of his free-time being parented by his two daughters.