New Videos: Medicine Reimagined

Jeff Haanen

In April, Denver Institute for Faith & Work hosted a two-day conference about the major issues in health care today from the perspective of Christian faith. “Reimagining Medicine” brought together leading voices on health care, theology, and culture with practitioners – nurses, hospital administrators, and doctors – from across the Front Range.

Whether or not you work in health care, the clarity with which these medical professionals understand their vocation and God’s work in the world today will help you integrate your Christian faith and daily work. Take a look.

“The Finest Traditions of My Calling: One Physician’s Search for the Renewal of Medicine”

As director of inpatient services at Denver Health and assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Dr. Abraham Nussbaum is exceptionally articulate and passionate about valuing the relationships between practitioners and patients in a technological age. In this address, he argues the importance of viewing places of care as cultural spaces – places where people encounter each other while ill and, together, seek health.

“What Does Christianity Have to do With the Practice of Medicine?”

In this address, Dr. Farr Curlin, who is jointly appointed at Duke University School of Medicine and Duke Divinity School, offers a framework for making sense of the interconnectedness of a clinician’s faith with that of his/her patient’s.

“Finding Healing for Combat Veterans: How a PTSD Diagnosis Can Help and Harm”

Psychiatrist and educator Dr. Warren Kinghorn addresses our cultural understanding and response to trauma, with an emphasis on combat trauma. Starting with a history lesson on the development of the PTSD diagnosis, Dr. Kinghorn concludes with practical ways Christians can walk faithfully with returning combat veterans.


Jeff Haanen

Jeff Haanen is a writer and entrepreneur. He founded Denver Institute for Faith & Work, a community of conveners, teachers and learners offering experiences and educational resources on the gospel, work, and community renewal. He is the author of An Uncommon Guide to Retirement: Finding God’s Purpose for the Next Season of Life and an upcoming two-book series on spiritual formation, vocation, and the working class for Intervarsity Press. He lives with his wife and four daughters in Denver and attends Wellspring Church in Englewood, Colorado.