New Podcast: Teach Us To Pray

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The Faith & Work Podcast is excited to announce that our podcast family is growing! Join us in welcoming the newest edition: Teach Us To Pray - hosted by Jeff Hoffmeyer Denver Institute's Vice President of Advancement. This new podcast will focus on the practice of prayer through scripture as a primary way to know, trust, and rest in God, through our daily work and life. Teach Us To Pray will release weekly with episodes ranging from 7min - 10min. Listen in as we discuss the launch of this podcast and hear the first episode today!


On prayer and work:

"At Denver Institute we believe work should be a primary place for us to practice our faith. So of course, prayer must be a part of that..."

On prayer as discipleship:

"Prayer could be the very foundation of our own discipleship, meaning if we learn to pray well and we just consistently stay in it - there's so much to learn. I really think that's one of the ways God forms us."

On prayer as a practice:

"These are meant to be something you can listen to on your commute to work or while you're folding laundry or out for a walk with your dog. In fact, it's almost better to maybe do it in the heart of an activity you regularly do, because that's going to enable those places to be a sacred space."


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