Michael Arrieta – Imagining a World Where All Workers Thrive

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How can business leaders help promote flourishing for their workers? And what structures make this possible? In this episode, Dustin Moody and Joanna Meyer talk with Michael Arrieta, founder and CEO of Garden City, about the how to invest in frontline employees.


On enriching employees:

"We are simply trying to create a business where service workers are the heroes. We're trying to create a business where service companies are obsessed with service... That is what we are completely obsessed with, how can we radically enrich the lives of service workers? And we believe by doing that, it would be like running a company in the garden."

On essential workers:

"And service workers are the most important part of our economy. Especially last year, we finally give them a name they deserve, essential workers. They are essential, they're the backbone of this country. Without them, we would crumble and fall.."

On creating a healthier business:

"It takes on average three to five years for you to actually see the numbers to work out. For onboarding, offboarding, training, development, all of that. If you make your people happier, they're going to treat their customers happier which will create a healthier business."


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