Matthew Kaemingk – Why Work Has a Place In Our Worship

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How can ministry leaders help lead congregants to engage their weekly work alongside their Sunday worship? In this episode, Joanna Meyer and Brian Gray talk with Matthew Kaemingk, author of Work & Worship: Reconnecting Our Labor and Liturgy, about his most recent publication. 


On Sunday morning formation:

"There are so many things that Sunday morning can do for workers in terms of reforming them in the image of Christ. You think of perhaps a boss who has spent his whole week being at the top of the pyramid and being in charge... And yet when he goes into a church, he is asked to confess his sins and get on his knees, or he is put in line for communion. Liturgy can humble the proud worker. The other thing it can do is raise up the worker who's been beaten down all week."

On worship leaders:

"A worship leader is to gather workers in and give them permission to bring their various vocations before God in worship and then send them out... And so that is to give them a blessing and a charge at the end of the worship service to bless and send them into their various vocations to extend worship into the rest of the week."

On the early Church:

"We learned from some of the very earliest documents about Christian worship that there were special blessings for the work of the people's hands."


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