Managing and Being Managed

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What makes a good manager? How can Christian managers emulate good leadership in their workplaces? In this episode, we interviewed two former Fellows - Bobby E., a senior librarian, and Betsy Z., vice president of operations in healthcare. Listen in as we learn how they have embraced what it looks like to lead those around them well, recognizing that every person they interact with is created in the image of God.


On being a relational leader:

"If I truly want to be a relational leader and be able to connect with people, I need to understand how my past relationships have formed me..." - Bobby E.

On learning through mistakes:

"Practically speaking, making mistakes is what formed me and changed me the most. For me, I learned a lot from leaders that were difficult and who I did not want to emulate and how I did not what to be that type of leader..." - Betsy Z.

On investing in people:

"People over projects. Because I know if I invest in people the projects will get done." - Bobby E.


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