Making the Most of Life’s Transitions

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What does it look like to navigate life's transitions well? How do we adjust to changes in our lives and our workplaces when things are difficult? In this episode, Joanna Meyer and Jeff Haanen talk with Dr. D. Michael Lindsay, president-elect of Taylor University, about his experiences on this topic.  


On hinge moments:

"There are millions and millions of minutes in our life, but when you look back on 67 years of a life, we can all point to probably 10 or 11 significant minutes of our life around which the whole rest of the time is oriented. And it's those hinge moments of our life that really determine the trajectory of the rest of our days."

On Sabbath keeping:

"I am a big believer in the value of Sabbath keeping in our life. It's the way of bridling ambition and, on a weekly basis, recognizing that we are not the solution to our problems. Having time for rest, renewal, and worship, is one of the key things to staying grounded."

On contributing to the wider community:

"It's not just about our individual life becoming perfect, but it's actually about being a contributor to the common good. It's also about how we are using the gifts and abilities, the blessings and opportunities the Lord has given to us to be a positive force for good in the wider community."


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