Living Your Faith in the Public Square

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What does it look like to live faithfully in the public square? How can Christians navigate and engage the difficulties of today's political divide? In this episode, Joanna Meyer and Dustin Moody talk with former Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam about politics, faith, and his new book "Faithful Presence: The Promise and the Peril of Faith in the Public Square".


On finding the best answer:

"You know, the very best way to be a part of a discussion is to say, "I'm not coming to the table with the goal of getting my answer, the goal is to get to the best answer." But we've lost that, and it's this sense of 'I'm here to win.' Because of this, we're not really working to understand the other side of the argument very well."

On truth and love:

"We're supposed to be people of truth. We're also supposed to be people of love. We're supposed to be both of those things, but of all people, we're the ones that believe in a true truth."

On having a presence in the public square:

" I think all of us are called to have a presence in the public square, it's part of seeking the common good. So that might just mean being an informed voter, it might mean being a part of the discussion at your office, or at your school...."


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