Leading with Christian Distinctiveness in a Pluralistic Society

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This week the Faith & Work Podcast continues its three-part series on the topic of leadership for today's challenges. In this episode, we interview Stephanie Summers, the CEO of the Center for Public Justice, a nonpartisan Christian think tank engaged in public policy development and civic education. Stephanie also serves as a Trustee of Eastern University, where she received her M.S. in Nonprofit Management, and is a recipient of the inaugural Duke Divinity Reflective Leadership Award.


On renewal as hope:

"I also want to add that working towards sound institutions and constitutional statecraft requires a posture of constant renewal, which is a posture of hope."

On proponents of principled pluralism:

"So proponents of principled pluralism say that the church or faith-based organizations need appropriate room, appropriate legal protection, made for them by government in order to continue to strenuously make our case for the truth, but we also acknowledge that government has a God-given role beyond just that protection..."

On obedience and love:

"Obedience and love, when not given freely, is neither." - Steve Monsma


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Free resource, download today "Politics at Twilight: Faithful Political Engagement in an Age of Ideology."

Learn more about The Respect for Marriage act by reading this great blog: "What Houses of Worship, Faith-Based Organizations--and People of Faith--Need to Know about the Respect for Marriage Act".

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out the amazing work The Center for Public Justice is doing!

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