Leading to Bridge the Empathy Gap with Christy Vines

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This week the Faith & Work Podcast wraps up its three-part series on leadership. For this episode Joanna Meyer and Abby Worland interview Christy Vines. Christy Vines is the president and CEO of Ideos Institute, a Christian organization that dedicates its work to understanding the theological roots and neuroscience of empathy, the role it plays in leadership, society, and culture, and its power to help us solve the major challenges of our time. Listen in as we discuss what it looks like to be a leader who lives out the world-changing virtue of empathy.


On empathic intelligence:

"Empathic intelligence is what we would call a strategic way of living and engaging with diversity and difference in the world. It's not emotional, although emotion does play a role - because it's strategic, it means it can be taught, and it can be learned. All of us have the ability to increase in empathic intelligence..." - Christy Vines

On an empathic leader:

"As a leader, empathic intelligence is how you understand and relate to the people who you serve and who you lead..." - Christy Vines

On obedience and love:

"There's no victory in defensiveness." - Referenced by Abby Worland


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If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out the IDeos Institute's webpage, and watch the Dialogue Lab America Documentary.

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