Investing that Makes the World Rejoice with Robin John

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Do you know the business practices of the companies your money is invested in? How can Christians intentionally steward their money in a way that honors God, neighbor, and the world? Join Joanna Meyer as she speaks with Robin John, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eventide Asset Management, as they talk about faith, investing, and the moral responsibility that comes with owning stock.


On Eventide's values:

"Eventide strives to honor God and serve its clients by investing in companies that create compelling value for the global common good..."

On the public marketplace:

"...We saw a big need in the marketplace. We saw that investing was broken from its original purpose that God would desire it to be - especially in the public markets."

On investing:

"...If you are investing in businesses you have to ask the question of 'what is the purpose of business?' If God were building a portfolio what are the types of business he would be investing in? More than just asking the question of 'what do I not want to invest in?' you have to ask the question of 'what types of companies should I be investing in?'"


Learn more about Robin John and Eventide here. If you are a financial advisor, check out our Faith-Based Investing Course on The Faith & Work Classroom.

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