Interview with Skye Jethani

Skye Jethani recently did a short interview with me on his new book, Futureville: Discovering Your Purpose for Today by Reimagining Tomorrow. In this interview, Skye and I discuss his own story as a pastor as he moved "from the pulpit to the pew," why a biblical vision of the future affects how we live today, why vocation is so central in God's mission - and, of course, how he got a cool name like "Skye."

Interview with Skye Jethani from Denver Institute on Vimeo.

These are the questions I asked:

1. First, how did you get a cool name like Skye?

2. Today you shared that when you moved from the pulpit [as a pastor] to the pew [as a layperson] you began to see work differently. Can you share your story?

3. In your book, you talk about two ways of seeing the future, and especially how they've changed in the last 50 years. One is "Evacuation" and the other "Evolution." Can you explain those two? And how do they influence the work we do today?

4. And why do you think vocation is so critical to all of this?


(A big thank you to Jack Kim for hosting our gathering in his home.)