Interview with Jack Franicevich

Jeff Haanen recently interviewed the newest member of the DIFW team, Jack Franicevich. Jack serves as our administrator; read his biography on our Staff page and follow him on Twitter, @JackFranicevich. Free tip: His last name is pronounced Fruh-niece-a-vitch. 

JH: What brought you to Denver?

JF: My plan since high school has been to study business and the liberal arts before going to seminary to focus on biblical and theological studies. Denver Seminary values rigorous study, evangelical commitments, and character development, and offers a lot of opportunity for academic specialization and interaction with professors. Plus, they offered me a full scholarship! 

JH: What kind of work have you done  both as a student and during school?

JF: At Biola University, studying great books and business administration introduced me to the Great Conversation and taught how to make things happen. Alongside my studies, I taught and preached regularly at church, on campus, and at summer camps; founded a campus ministry, directed freshman orientation, and have begun groundwork for an alumni association; provided administrative assistance for a three-employee nonprofit and a 1,000+ employee bureaucracy; and tutored for trigonometry and spent a few months as an in-home care-giver.

JH: What is your interest in the integration of faith and work?

JF: When I started Biola, I wanted to glorify God by being a pastor. By the time I graduated, God developed such a rich vision of the kingdom of heaven for me that I wanted to do everything! Educators lead minds in the pursuit of truth. Politicians organize chaos into moral order thanklessly. Businesspeople organize labor, ideas, and money to build culture. Medical and psychological practitioners participate in God's healing and reconciling ministry. Artists draw our attention to the beauty of the world. If you think about it, of course we can do "all things" to the glory of God! Since I can't do everything, I can at least exhort, encourage, and shepherd a community who submits to the Word of God in the pursuit of goodness, truth, and beauty, faithfully carrying out his work in active anticipation of Jesus' ultimate restoration of all things.

JH: What are you most looking forward to in working with DIFW?

JF: Wow, let me list a few, briefly. I'm excited to develop a strategic imagination for how nonprofits can directly resource churches. More particularly, I've enjoyed learning the different languages of the various sectors of our cultural ecosystem. But more than anything, it's a privilege to give my time over to the furthering and fruition of your fantastic vision.

JH: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

JF: Hands down, Pie Day. Several Thanksgivings ago, my mom had a few girls over to teach them how to bake pie. They've invited friends who've invited friends, and now neighbors, family, church and school friends have increased our annual output to nearly four dozen pies each Thanksgiving-eve. It's a delight to exercise hospitality for a diverse, ragtag group who would never otherwise interact with each other. The day-long party ends, of course, with a big dinner and classical Christmas carols. 

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