How to Reconcile Cultural Differences in the Workplace with David Bailey

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Christ calls us to be peacemakers in our relationships, communities, and world, but what does that mean for our lives at work? Whether it’s pressure to adopt socially acceptable attitudes to fit the latest corporate initiative or concerns about movements like Black Lives Matter or Critical Race Theory, it’s difficult to know how to navigate cultural differences in God-honoring ways. Listen in as Joanna Meyer explores these themes with David Bailey, Founder & CEO of Arrabon, a nonprofit that helps leaders and organizations with guidance, education, and tools to build more empathetic, reconciled communities.


On being peacmakers:

"As a Christian, you're supposed to be a peacemaker. It doesn't matter what your politics are, doesn't matter what your ideology is. If the Bible's on the top of your politics, your ideology, your economic principles, or your political principles, then peacemaking should be part of that journey..."

On meeting people where they are:

"At Arrabon, what we try to do is use the language that can be invitational to everybody. We try to do what God does for us. God meets us where we are and tries to love us enough to not keep us there..."

On owning reconciliation:

"I would say there are three features of a reconciling community....One is to own reconciliation and spiritual formation. So there should be a biblical rootedness that however you're doing reconciliation, you're doing it from a deeply biblical rooted place."


Learn more about David Bailey and the work he is doing through Arrabon. Check out David's book recommendations "The Color of Law" and "Our Kids". Watch these insightful video resources "CRT: How to Respond as a Citizen of the Kingdom of God" and the documentary "Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class". *

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