How to Overcome the Limiting Beliefs about Your Work

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What are limiting beliefs and how do they affect my work? In this episode, Joanna Meyer talks with Charlena Ortiz, a life & business coach, writer, and the founder of Grit & Virtue. Together they discuss the importance of who we are as workers but also who we are as sons and daughters of Christ.


On limiting beliefs:

"I would say that limiting beliefs are our biggest enemy. Limiting beliefs often paralyze us from becoming who God has created us to be and from doing what God has created us to do."

On starting the process of identifying limiting beliefs:

" requires self-awareness. Sometimes we hear self-awareness just thrown out, but really, I would encourage every person listening to really peel back the layers of what it means to be self-aware. For me, journaling has been a great tool to help me become more self-aware of what's going on in my inner world. "

On choosing behaviors that lead to freedom:

"...when we can operate out of freedom and choose the behaviors and decisions out of our true identity, then we're able to move forward from that place [of limiting beliefs] and really know that freedom is something that is transformative and can only come from the father."


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