How to Navigate a 2-Career Marriage

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Is it possible to have a healthy two-career marriage, stay in love, and be successful? Listen in as we learn from Andre and Jeff Shinabarger. Andre is a Physicians Assistant at Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta, which serves poor and uninsured patients. Her husband Jeff is a social entrepreneur who founded and leads Plywood People, a nonprofit community of startups addressing the world’s most complex social challenges. He is also the best-selling author of the books More or Less and Yes or No.


On being an encouraging partner:

"[According to the research] three in ten people feel encouraged by their partner to pursue their work and dreams. I heard that and was really sad by that statistic that only three out of ten people feel encouraged. So the research shows we want to do it all, we struggle doing it all, then we're also not encouraging our partner in their work either..." - Andre

On marriage as partnership:

"We look at our marriage and our purpose as a partnership, so that's a framework that we engage from the beginning... if I didn't value Andre's purpose as equal or at times greater than mine, it wouldn't work in our relationship." -Jeff

On checking in:

"We also do our quarterly or monthly or whatever kind of check-ins where we have these four questions that we go through that might be helpful. They are: What do I need right now? What do I want right now? What is or isn't working? And what is coming up?" - Andre


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