How to Have Humble Confidence in the Age of the Personal Brand

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How can Christians promote their skills and experience to employers in a thoughtful and confident way? In this episode, Joanna Meyer talks with Jena Viviano Denay, a career strategist, who founded Recruit the Employer. Together they discuss the personal brand, true humility, and the Christian life lived out in the professional world. 


On excellence:

"I would love to see more Christians stand up in excellence in their work and own it and realize that, again, they didn't do anything to get those gifts. They are simply stewarding them well"

On confidence in interviews:

"Employeers want you to come in and honestly share what you believe that you are good at and where you can bring your value to help them shape their future."

On finishing well:

"I believe that finishing with grace and finishing well for your employer is an opportunity for you to finish with confidence..."


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