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by Laura Bernero, Brian Gray& Gary Aronhalt

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Laura Bernero

Laura Bernero is our blog curator, overseeing both internal content and contributions from our amazing network of writers. She loves all things creative communications, acting on the belief that we all resonate with great narrative and connect to one another through story. In addition to her role at DIFW, she manages media storytelling campaigns at SE2, a Denver-based communications agency. She was 5280 Fellow in the inaugural 2016-17 class and can’t wait to see the program continue to empower leaders throughout Denver in their unique gifts and callings.

Brian Gray

Brian is the VP of Formation here at DIFW and also leads our 5280 Fellowship program. Prior to landing at DIFW, he served in pastoral ministry for thirteen years and at Denver Seminary for four years. His vocation includes moving ideas out into life through relationships and conversation – whether that applies to God, work, the Church, good beer, or Liverpool Football Club. He married way out of his league, and spends most of his free-time being parented by his two daughters.

Gary Aronhalt

As founder of A Million Stories, a relational consulting firm, Gary is passionate about helping people and teams thrive using simple, easy-to-grasp relational tools. His expertise comes from years working in the technology, nonprofit, church, retail, and service sectors. Through it all, two passions have remained – helping people improve their professional and personal relationships and pushing his physical limits in the great outdoors. As a proud finisher of both the Leadville 100 and the Run Rabbit Run 100 Miler, Gary understands first-hand how outdoor recreation builds the soul.