Thursday, Jan. 22 /
6:00 p.m. /
Boulder, CO

Where’s God in Healthcare Today?

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Held on January 22, 2015.In the past century, with the advance of medical technology, the health care system has extended itself into almost every facet of American life. In 2013, 18% of GDP was spent in the health care sector. Even as we are grateful for the ways healthcare can cure a wide array of illnesses and diseases today,  in many ways medicine is broken. Burnout and early retirement among physicians is at a record high; many low-income patients do not have access to quality care; contemporary end-of-life debates remind us of the limits of medicine in the face of death.


Abraham Nussbaum

Chief Educational Officer

Dr. Ray Barfield

Duke Divinity School

William Wright

Former Executive Medical Director

Event Videos

Dr. Abraham Nussbaum - Suffering and Hope in the Healthcare Practitioner's Vocation


Dr. William Wright - Justice and Healthcare Equity: Is There a Role for Faith Communities?


Dr. Ray Barfield - Living a Fully Human Life to the End