Friday, Mar. 28 /
7:30 a.m. /
Denver, CO

What is the Purpose of Business?

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Held on March 28, 2014.“The dominant paradigm says the purpose of business is to maximize profit and increase shareholder value,” says Van Duzer, author of Why Business Matters to God (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed). But might the Christian story suggest other ends for business? Jeff Van Duzer, Provost of Seattle Pacific University and formerly the Dean of the School of Business and Economics, addressed the question “What is the purpose of business?” and gave business leaders new ways for living in the “messy middle” of day-to-day business challenges.

Jeff Van Duzer


Laura McGuire


Wes Gardner

Founder & Owner

Jim Howey

Director of Business Development

Chris Ditzenberger


Chris Horst

Chief Advancement Officer

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Jeff Van Duzer - What is the Purpose of Business?


Panel - Living Out God’s Purpose for Business