Wednesday, Jun. 08 /
6:00 p.m. /
Denver, CO

Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds: How Theology Can Renew Investing & Financial Planning

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Held on June 8, 2016.At first glance, wealth advisors seem to share common goals: most want to provide sound financial advice, help clients reach their long-term goals, and achieve maximum profit for their investment strategies. But look more deeply, and significant differences appear as advisors’ motives, convictions, and investment philosophies shape the recommendations they make. Today, less than one percent of investment assets are held with firms that use a faith-based investment approach.The event provided a Christian theological framework for investing for financial planners and their clients/individual investors. Attendees gained practical ideas about (1) evaluating your own investments based on a biblical view of business; (2) contributing to a healthier economy through a biblical understanding of financial planning; and (3) for wealth managers, advising clients and helping them to see the values underpinning their investments.


Robin John

CEO & Managing Partner

Tim Weinhold

Director of Faith and Business

Chad Hamilton


John Siverling

Executive Director

Event Videos

Robin John Interview by Jeff Haanen


Tim Weinhold - Should Theology Guide Business?


Panel Discussion