Wednesday, Mar. 09 /
6:30 p.m. /
Boulder, CO

Navigating the Tensions Between Faith & Work

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Held on March 9, 2016.We all experience tension with our work at times. What if my start-up doesn’t pan out? What if I lose my job? Have I accepted this job because I’m called to it--or just because I’m paid for it? How do I balance work, kids, family, friends, church, and all the busyness of life? What does it mean to be a Christian living and working in the city of Boulder?David Kim, Executive Director at the Center for Faith & Work and pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, and Bethany Jenkins, Director of The Gospel Coalition’s Every Square Inch and VP of Forums at the Veritas Forum, offered strategies to integrate faith and work.Kim and Jenkins collaborated on the NIV Holy Bible: Faith & Work Edition (Harper Collins, 2016).


David Kim

Executive Director of the Center For Faith & Work

Bethany L. Jenkins

Director of Vocational & Career Development

Event Videos

Bethany Jenkins: Motivation, Relationships, Work


David Kim - Word & Work: Forming Disciples for All of Life.