Thursday, Jun. 15 /
7:30 a.m. /
Westminster, CO

For Whose Glory? Exploring Faithful Practice in Life, Leadership & Business

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For Whose Glory: Exploring Faithful Practice in Life, Leadership, & Business

Tensions are a part of growing a business and leading people…How do I build integrity into my business’s culture while still hitting the bottom line? Who am I becoming as an entrepreneur? What impact is my company having on my employees? I know my faith should impact my whole life, but what does it say about HR, management, entrepreneurship, raising capital, or business’s influence on society?Business leaders from across Colorado joined DIFW for a half-day of learning, discussion, and networking to learn how faith shapes their business practices.

Presenters & Panelists

Steve Reinemund

Former CEO

Max Anderson

Founding Partner

Michael Coors


Helen Young Hayes

Founder & CEO

John Paasonen

Co-Founder & CEO

Irma Lockridge

Chief People & Systems Officer

Reilly Flynn

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Russell Bjorkman

Venture Partner

Banks Benitez

Co-Founder & President

Jason Janz


Drew Yancey

Jeff Haanen

Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Event Videos

Keynote & Breakout Sessions

Keynote - "Theology for Business"

Jeff Haanen

Caring for the Souls of Entrepreneurs

Panel Discussion

Defining Your Leadership Q&Q

Steve Reineumund

Good Jobs: A Strategy for Profit & Poverty Alleviation

Panel Discussion

The MBA Oath: Seeking Higher Standard for Business

Panel Discussion

Breakout Sessions

Leadership : Entrepreneurship : Operations

"Caring for the Souls of Entrepreneurs” – Panel discussion

The life of an entrepreneur can take a toll on founders. The pressure to scale quickly can erode family relationships; money is often a worry, as venture capital is being spent more quickly than customers are acquired; any life beyond work often compete with the start-up community’s pressure to build, scale and “change the world.” On the outside, the world cheers on entrepreneurs as drivers of economic growth; on the inside, it can often feel like a mixture of confusion, uncertainty, exhilaration and crushing defeat. A panel of local and national entrepreneurs share insight gleaned from the frontlines of the business world.

Led by Drew Yancey, Max Anderson, Reilly Flynn, Banks Benitez, John Paasonen

“Good Jobs: A Strategy for Profit & Poverty Alleviation” - Panel Discussion

A good job for a low-income individuals can be the key to overcoming poverty. But giving those with barriers to employment competitive wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement is usually seen as a charity play that most business owners can’t afford, especially in cost-sensitive industries. What kind of jobs are best at alleviating poverty – and what kind of jobs keep people in poverty? How can companies provide life-transforming work while staying profitable? Can companies create a healthy workplace culture, retain labor, invest in employees – and still provide competitively priced products and services to customers?

Led by Jeff Haanen, Helen Young Hayes, Michael Coors, Jason Janz

“Defining Your Leadership: A Conversation with Steve Reinemund”

Steve Reinemund, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, ran one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, with over $33 billion in annual revenue. Over the span of Reinemund’s career – which spanned the United States Marine Corp to becoming Dean of Wake Forest University’s Business school – he often had to answer difficult questions. How do you shape the culture of a corporation? What does it mean influence both individuals and institutions as a Christian leader?

Led by Brian Gray, Steve Reinemund