Wednesday, Sep. 24 /
6:30 p.m. /
Denver, CO

Eugene Peterson

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Held on September 24, 2014.What am I called to? How can I serve God in a job I don't even like? What can do about being so busy? What role does my work play in God's plan, if any? These are questions many of us have asked at one point or another. And they're questions that often don't have easy answers.Recently, a group of Denver pastors and lay people visited Eugene Peterson, the best-selling author of The Message, at his home in Montana. During their visit, they asked Eugene hard questions about busyness, morally ambiguous work, how to find one's calling, the role of Sabbath, the difference between vocation and occupation, retirement, and the role of human work in God's creation. This event featured never-before-seen videos of Eugene Peterson speaking on work, vocation, and serving God amidst the challenges of daily life. The event also included several local leaders commenting on Eugene's wisdom - all 81 years worth.


Eugene Peterson

Pastor (Retired)

Andrew Arndt

Teaching Pastor

Jeff Haanen

Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Event Videos

The Role of Work in the Plan of God


Busyness, Sabbath, and Work as a Gift


Suffering in Work


Cultivating Vocation