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Colorado School of Mines

Callings in Conflict

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Pursuing Scientific Excellence & A Life of Faith

Widespread sentiment suggests that science and faith are at odds, at war for leadership in modern culture. Yet many of history’s great minds were people of deep faith. They were driven to science by an insatiable hunger to learn about and celebrate God. Can Christians working in the sciences recover this passion without compromising professional excellence?

Can we seek truth in science and in Scripture?

Join Denver Institute for Faith & Work, Cornell genomicist Praveen Sethupathy, and a panel of local scientists to explore these seemingly conflicting callings. Together, we’ll consider how those working in the sciences can serve as ambassadors, to both the science and faith communities and explore ways science and faith can have a positive, fruitful influence on each other.Whether you work in renewable energy, a university lab, or the biotech industry, join us to examine practical principles for integrating your callings.

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Speakers & Panelists

Praveen Sethupathy

Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Angela Kantola

Deputy Director, Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program

Brent Nelson

Group Manager, Engineering & Informatics

Terry Gray

Biology Instructor

Brian Gray

Denver Institute for Faith & Work