Friday, Feb. 01 /
7:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. /
Denver, CO

Business for the Common Good

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 How do you determine if a business is successful? Is it reflected in a positive balance sheet, gleaming customer reviews, or a charismatic CEO? What if God measured success by a broader standard—by the way businesses help every employee, supplier, consumer, or community they touch thrive?Join Denver Institute for Faith & Work at “Business for the Common Good,” a half-day event for business leaders passionate about professional excellence and using their gifts and resources for lasting impact. Hear from keynote Jay Jakub, author of Completing Capitalism: Heal Business to Heal the World, corporate executives, innovators, and policy-makers as we explore the intrinsic role business plays in God’s world.

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Completing Capitalism: Heal Business to Heal the World

For the last 50 years, business leaders have championed the belief that a corporation’s sole responsibility is to maximize shareholder value. Yet the unbridled pursuit of profit often comes at the expense of employees, consumers, or the environment. What if there was a more complete approach to capitalism--one that delivered superior performance by mobilizing human, social, and natural capital along with financial resources?

Jay Jakub, Senior Director of External Research at Mars, Inc., a multinational food company responsible for iconic brands like M&Ms, Uncle Ben’s, and Wrigley, will share “The Economics of Mutuality” a proven business model that promotes “doing well by doing good, at scale.” Field-tested globally for more than a decade, this model shows that companies investing in their communities, people, and environmental ecosystem, while measuring and managing performance with non-financial indicators, will achieve superior value—including financial performance—even in the short term.

Led by Jay Jakub


LEADERSHIP: "Emotional & Spiritual Health for Executive Leaders"

From the outside, the life of a CEO may seem glamorous with its high-powered meetings, public recognition, and generous salary, but life in the C-Suite may be the loneliest place in the company. CEOs are under intense pressure to drive growth and deliver strong results while satisfying the interests of internal and external stakeholders. Add in an overwhelming workload and the pressure to be present at work and at home and the role takes a toll on the emotion and spiritual health of corporate leaders. What if work didn’t have to feel that way? What if God could use the pressures that threaten to overwhelm to actually deepen your soul? A panel of seasoned executives shares insight gleaned from their own journeys to personal and spiritual health.

Presented by: Business Transitions Group

Led by Brian Gray, Barry Rowan, Greg Leith, Dan Dye

WORKPLACE CULTURE: 'Families Valued: Creating Workplaces that Help Families Thrive"

The Christian tradition sees both family life and work as two God-given spheres of human responsibility. Yet many parents experience intense conflict between their work and family life. What would it look like for personal and professional spheres to complement, rather than compete with, each other? Rachel Anderson of the Center for Public Justice, a Christian thinktank shaping public policy, shares research from their recent report on family-friendly workplaces. Learn how common business practices compromise family health and practical ways business leaders can shape the workplace to care for employees on the job and at home.

Led by Rachel Anderson

COMMUNITY IMPACT: Redemptive Real Estate

Can the buying and selling of land and properties be redemptive? What are best opportunities to bring about healing, restoration, and flourishing to our community in the real estate industry? Come hear Jack Kim (KORE Investments), Stan Bullis (Unbridled), and Haroun Cowans (Flyfisher Group) discuss how faith shapes their work of investing in real estate and renovating historic properties to bring hope to communities.

Presented by Magneti

Led by Jeff Haanen, Haroun Cowans, Marti Page, Jack Kim, Stan Bullis


The Economics of Mutuality sounds like a great idea, but does it really work? Join keynote speaker Jay Jakub for an informal conversation examining case studies and best practices gleaned from his work with billion-dollar global enterprises.

Presented by: National Christian Foundation

Led by Jay Jakub, Chris Horst


Jeff Haanen

Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Haroun Cowans

Associate Pastor / Chief Real Estate Officer

Jay Jakub

Senior Director of External Research

Rachel Anderson

Resident Fellow

Joanna Meyer

Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Brian Gray

Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Jack Kim

Founder and CEO

Marti Page

Principal and Founder

Barry Rowan


Greg Leith


Chris Horst

Chief Advancement Officer

Dan Dye


Jill Anschutz

Independent Consultant

Patrick Ahern


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