Saturday, Nov. 12 /
9:00 /
Denver, CO

Beyond Leaning In

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Beyond Leaning In: A Biblical Perspective of Women & Work

Women hunger to explore the range of their callings, yet many Christian women struggle with conflicting messages surrounding work inside and outside the home. We wonder: Does God call women to work? How can we use our talent and ambition to fulfill God's purposes in the world? How do we navigate our complex desires for career, marriage, and motherhood? Katelyn Beaty, author of A Woman’s Place: A Christian Vision for Your Calling in the Office, the Home, and the World, joined DIFW to explore God’s call for women and challenged attendees to steward the steward the opportunities and constraints of their unique lives.

Guests and Panelists

Katelyn Beaty

Kate Redden


Alli Horst

Director of Children's Ministries

Jill Anschutz

Independent Consultant

Joanna Meyer

Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Lectures and Panels

Beyond Leaning In: Part 1

Katelyn Beaty

Beyond Leaning In: Part 2

Katelyn Beaty

Beyond Leaning In: Discussion