Does the Bible Really Tell Us to Work Shrewdly?

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What does it mean to be shrewd? Does the Bible really tell us to work in this way? In this episode, we discuss Luke 16 The Parable of the Shrewd Manager, and learn more about how this quality can inform our work. Listen in as we hear from guest speaker and longtime friend of Denver Institute, Dr. Ryan Tafilowski. Ryan currently serves as assistant professor of theology and chair of the Theology Department at Denver Seminary and pastors Foothills Fellowship Church in Littleton, CO.


On being shrewd:

"To be shrewd is to live life with skill in a broken and fallen world..."

On venturing what we have been given:

 "We've been given a lot of rights and responsibilities as adopted sons and daughters, and God wants to see us venture it, and he wants to see us be shrewd rather than simple."

On learning through experience:

"That idea of living skillfully means that you have to be able to take several factors into account, and you need to think about the present and the future and the big picture. And one of the reasons that shrewdness appears so often in the proverbs is that this is a skill that needs to be learned by experience..."


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