Disappointment in Our Work

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As Christians how do we deal with disappointment in our work? How can communicating expectations clearly and asking the right questions of our organization help us navigate discouraging moments? In this episode, Joanna Meyer talks with Jeff Hoffmeyer, vice president of advancement at Denver Institute, and Lisa Slayton, founder of Tamim Partners, about the challenges and wisdom they have gleaned from persevering through workplace disappointments.


On unspoken expectations:

"The biggest issue with expectations is not necessarily when they are unmet as much as it is they are unspoken..." -Lisa Slayton

On practicing awareness:

"You need to be a highly aware person to first name the dysfunction that you have and that you bring to the table...as well as to see and then accurately name the dysfunction of your workplace..."

-Jeff Hoffmeyer

On asking the right questions:

"It is important to ask yourself the questions of 'is this mine to do?' and 'what is mine to do?' when an opportunity comes your way..." -Lisa Slayton


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