Philip Yancey

Author & Speaker

For Philip Yancey, writing is a way to explore faith. “At times we ask questions like ‘Where is God when it hurts?’ or ‘Does prayer make any difference?’  As a freelance writer, I feel privileged to explore such questions full time.” True to his calling, Yancey wrestles in print with God, with the Church, and with fellow believers.  In the process, he has authored over two dozen books, including the bestsellers What’s So Amazing About Grace and The Jesus I Never Knew.  In all, his books have sold more than 17 million copies in English, and have been translated into some 50 languages worldwide. He contributes to the conversation about faith and science through his involvement with Biologos, the American Science Affiliation, and publications, including his book Fearfully and Wonderfully: The Marvel of Bearing God’s ImageAfter surviving a church background of what he now calls “toxic faith,” Yancey ultimately came to know a God of grace and beauty.  A memoir titled Where the Light Fell, published in 2021, tells that complete story for the first time.