Jervis DiCicco

CEO & Co-Founder

Jervis DiCicco is the CEO and Co-Founder of ProsperBridge, a Public Benefit Corporation funded by nonprofits.  ProsperBridge partners with employers to give EVERY employee the ability to thrive.  In its short history, ProsperBridge has already helped eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, helped people save thousands on things they need, improved retirement savings, and helped people choose and use benefits more impactfully. The ProsperBridge model combines high-tech and high-touch to help organizations create a more equitable ecosystem where everyone has access to progress.

Jervis’s ultimate goal is to help redesign work to be an activity that empowers well-being instead of extracting it.  He spent over 13 years working with individuals, families, and small businesses to create custom financial plans, increase retirement income, and optimize tax savings.  Through personal and professional trials, Jervis learned how the financial system is failing nearly everybody and researched solutions on how to build a model that would empower more people to thrive.  This work revealed that employers had the ability to leverage solutions–both for organizational and individual well-being–that could provide alternatives to the broken system.