How can Producing, Selling and Installing Stone Veneer be God’s Work?

Here's the story of Chuck Stein, President and CEO of Environmental Stoneworks, and chair of the Denver Institute board of directors.

Here are some questions to ask in a group context to discuss the video:

  • Why do you think Chuck enjoys simply “building something?”
  • How do you think Chuck’s company is influencing the community with their products? What if they didn’t exist?
  • Why do you think Chuck changed his mind about what really is “God’s work”? How can producing, selling and installing stone veneer be “God’s work?”
  • Why do you think it’s so important for Chuck to make sure people’s skills and gifts “fit” each job?
  • Chuck has made a concerted effort to pay his employees more since he arrived. What role do you think wages should play in “redeeming work?” 
    When does a focus on wages go wrong?
  • What is the "redemptive edge" in your own work? Where do you see opportunities to bring a "slice of redemption" where you're at today?