Jeff Haanen
Colorado Needs a Renewed Vision for Craftsmanship

Colorado needs a renewed vision for craftsmanship. Lately everybody is talking about workforce development. In September, the Biennial of the Americas featured a discussion on this topic. Careerwise Colorado continues to make headlines placing youth in apprenticeships across the state. The Denver City Council’s economic and workforce development group is hosting a series of roundtables […]

“DealMakers”: A Documentary Look at Labor and Hope in America

I often imagine what collective impact between business leaders, churches, government, nonprofits and ministries might look like. What would it look like for us partner together to make a permanent, generational impact on American society?When it comes to work, in many ways, our society is hemorrhaging. The labor participation rate for men age 24-55 is […]

Jeff Haanen
The Quiet Unraveling of Work in America

On August 1, 2007, the I35W Mississippi River bridge in Minneapolis looked like any other bridge in America. Commuters stuck in rush hour were waiting impatiently, talking on their phones and assuming they would get safely to their destination. Yet at 6:05 p.m., a strange noise was heard lurking underneath. Suddenly, the bridge collapsed, sending […]

Helen Young Hayes
Work Works

In 1964, Lyndon B. Johnson instituted America’s War on Poverty.  Since then, American taxpayers have spent trillions on anti-poverty programs.1 Despite vast resources dedicated to fighting poverty, the U.S. appears to be losing the battle.  Today, some 43 million Americans fall under the poverty line; an estimated 30 million Americans are underemployed or unemployed.2  Meanwhile, […]

Jeff Haanen
The Public Good of Faith Expressed Through Work

It’s often assumed that faith is a private matter. Fine for your personal life, but less appropriate in the workplace or public life. Yet time and time again, I’ve seen that when faith becomes a public matter – and is expressed as working for the good of one’s neighbor – there are transformative results for […]

Jeff Haanen
How Does Your Work Impact Those Down The Line?

Have you thought about the people affected by your work who you may never meet? Learn more in this excerpt from the e-book “The Call to Commerce: 6 Ways to Love Your Neighbor Through Business.” Catch the first and last posts here on the blog as well.  3. Love Your Supply Chains Months ago, I had […]

Case Thorp
Andy Crouch, What Does the Faith and Work Movement Need to Hear?

In early February, I probed the thoughts of Andy Crouch, author, blogger, and speaker. Crouch had just resigned as executive editor at Christianity Today and moved to the John Templeton Foundation as a communication strategist. His books and speaking engagements have made him a thought leader on culture, and connected him notably to the faith […]

Chris Horst
Christianity Today: “Showing Hospitality to Strangers and Spring Breakers”

Christianity Today’s new series “The Work of Our Hands” continues with a piece by Denver Institute board member Chris Horst. Chris tells the story of fellow Denverite Dave Collins. Once homeless, Dave is now an enthusiastic employee at a downtown hotel. “I wake up pumped that I get to go to work. It’s a perfect fit for […]

David Rupert
Employment, faith keys to keeping prisoners from reentering the system

Last weekend I worked in the yard, cutting trees and turning over soil. I bagged leaves, weary from the winter decay. At the end of the day, I lined the bags along the curb and dragged my body into the shower, washing away the earthy soil that were marks of my labor. Finally, I sat […]