Chad Hamilton
How Should Christians Think About Investing?

Traditionally, most people have invested purely in search of profits. If you wanted to make a difference in the community, you would do that through your gifting. This resulted in a compartmentalized approach which essentially divided financial intentions into two buckets — one for investing and one for charitable giving. This approach means you are seeking […]

Jeff Haanen
Banking Alone

  Recently I received an urgent plea from Mike, a young investment banker in New York. Mike had just graduated with his BA in financial economics from Columbia University. Having read my review of Kevin Roose’s Young Money, he knew that investment banking meant 100 hour work weeks, acidic professional environments, and often working for […]

Chad Hamilton
A Hope-Based Approach to Financial Planning

Good financial planners know that effective financial planning is comprehensive in scope and the components are interdependent. Like pieces of a puzzle that fit together in a particular way to form a complete picture, financial decisions are interrelated and contingent on one another. For example, the way investments are allocated impacts the amount of income taxes that […]

Dan Kaskubar
Parable of the Talents Part 2: Preparing for His Return

We value leisure. In our culture, work is seen as something that’s hard, and should be avoided if possible. Especially if it’s not work you love. For Aristotle the goal was, in fact, to avoid work that’s “base,” hard, or with one’s hands. Aristotle believed the goal for anyone should be to participate in the […]

Dan Kaskubar
Parable of the Talents Part 1: God’s Capital Investment

In Matthew 25.14-30, Jesus tells a story of a rich master who entrusts his wealth to three servants while he goes away on a long journey. While he is gone, two of the servants double the value of what they’ve received. The third servant buries the wealth he’s entrusted with, and earns no return on […]

Joanna Meyer
Watch: What I’ve Learned As An Impact Investor

Impact Investor Rich Hoops joined June’s Social Entrepreneurship Forum to share insight gained as Chairman of the Board at Impact Hub Boulder and a member of Social Venture Partners (Boulder.) Rich discussed: Transitioning from the corporate world to life as a social entrepreneur The challenges and rewards of international investment Managing risk in social investments […]

Jeff Haanen
Review of Young Money

Today Christianity Today published my review of Kevin Roose’s Young Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street’s Post-Crash Recruits. The book was literally hard to put down. As Roose unfolds the experience of eight young college graduates at the world’s most powerful investment banks, he captures the reader with a haunting portrayal of work that in almost every […]