Books (and Podcasts) Worth Cozying-up With This Fall

Jill Anschutz

One thing our team at Denver Institute has in common is we all love to read. I asked each staff person to share a book (or podcast) recommendation I could pass along. So pull out the blanket your aunt crocheted for you, brew some tea, and dive into a new book that will challenge you to bear witness to the gospel in your daily work.

Joanna’s recommendation:
A Woman’s Place: A Christian Vision for Your Calling in the Office, the Home, and the World

Joanna writes, “Many Christian women wonder about the value of work outside the home. In this thought-provoking work, Beaty combines solid biblical scholarship and interviews with women in a range of roles to invite readers to consider a broader framework for career, ambition, and calling. Whether caring for children, running a home, business, or working full-time, you will be inspired to live in a way that glorifies God.”

Brian’s recommendation:
You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit
by James K.A. Smith

Brian explains, “Smith asks us to examine the way cultural ‘liturgies’ may be shaping our habits and what we worship, suggesting formative Christian practices we can embrace to order our loves over time.”

Katie’s recommendation:
“Work & Rest” Podcast via Gospel in Life
by Timothy Keller

Katie shares, “I’ve listened to this podcast several times. It’s a great reminder about our identity in God over our identity in work itself. We can step back from our work and rest knowing that our worth comes from God’s great work in creation, not from what we accomplish in a single day. It’s a good reminder to rest in Sabbath practices.”

Jeff’s recommendation:
by Hugh Black

Black was a pastor and theologian writing around the turn of the previous century; Work was first published in 1904. (And you’ll notice that in his language.) He makes the case that work is a fundamental part of human nature, based on God’s design, and our work affords us moral benefits and protection. BONUS: This book is available for free on Google Books.

My recommendation:
“Don’t Have to Live Like Refugee” Podcast
by This American Life

Podcasts by This American Life frequently feature stories about work. This recent episode stands out to me because it’s about work in the context of a major world crisis: the refugee migration into Europe. This TAL episode highlights what life is like in Grecian refugee camps; the absence of productive work comes up several times as does the interesting story of how some refugees are creating small businesses to meet the needs of fellow refugees.


Jill Anschutz

Convinced that “those who tell stories rule society” (Socrates), Jill logged 10 years of experience in influencing public opinion and perception through strategic communications. While serving as a principal at SE2, a Denver-based communications agency, Jill discovered the joy of integrating the Christian faith with her day-to-day work in the marketplace. In her current work as a freelance consultant, she now tells stories about Denverites bringing the gospel to bear in diverse industries.

Jill is a graduate of Taylor University, an alumna of the Impact Denver leadership program, a deacon at Fellowship Denver Church, and a Kentucky Colonel — an honorary commission given by the state of Kentucky to “individuals noted for their public service and their work for the advancement of Kentucky.”