Jeff Hoffmeyer
On Earth as it is in Heaven: The Possibility and Promise of Christian Investing

Overview Put your finger in the middle of the Lord’s Prayer and it will land on this phrase: on earth as it is in heaven. Given this prominent position within a prayer that is itself central to Jesus’ call to his disciples to practice the kingdom, it is no stretch to say that these seven […]

David Spickard
The Mural That Lit the Match: A Question of Justice

Written by David Spickard, Founder & CEO of 11 Ten Leadership Overview Paul’s company specializes in the acquisition of high end multifamily housing communities. Having developed and reinvigorated over 30,000 units since 2009, his company provides a wide selection of properties for its residents that result in a positive return for its investors.Recently, one of […]

Cameron Blom
Virtue and Vice at Work: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Age | A Personal Review

The workplace is a hot topic these days. From the recent popularization of remote work to the present issue of “quiet quitting,” things often taken for granted about the office are now a post-COVID no man’s land. One thing that has stayed the same, however, is human nature. Overview In his new book Virtue and […]

Jeff Haanen
Anxious America: How to Faithfully Respond to the Mental Health Crisis

This article was written by Jeff Haanen and was originally published by The Reformed Journal. Reposted with author’s permission.I shut my laptop abruptly late one afternoon. I realized I was holding my breath. My neck and scalp were tingling and my shoulders were tight. I put my hand over my chest and felt my heart […]

How a Bible Written Before Stock Markets Can Guide Stock Investing

This article was written by Greg Forster, and was originally published by Eventide Center for Faith & Investing. Reposted with permission.We want our investing to be guided by the Bible. But the Bible doesn’t talk directly about modern markets, because they didn’t exist when it was written. What do we do?In part one, we saw […]

Cameron Blom
Hannah Stolze: Business as Kingdom Work

Hannah Stolze, the author profiled in this post, will speak at October 8th’s Women, Work, & Calling event. For details about the gathering, please visit the Women, Work, & Calling website.Have you ever felt a disconnect between your  “sacred” and “secular” life? You may leave a Sunday church service feeling enlivened, excitedly mulling over what […]

Hannah Echols-Grieser
Former Duolingo CMO Shares Her Secret to Creating Good Work

Cammie Dunaway will be the featured executive interview at October’s Women, Work, & Calling event.As Christians, we want to create good work that serves our organizations and communities. However, every worker faces real obstacles to that goal: stress, difficult coworkers, disliking your job, and Zoom malfunctions are all common culprits. In today’s hustle culture, the […]

My Final Reflections as CEO

Dear DIFW Family,Wrapping up my time as CEO is both strange and exciting for me. It’s strange because I’ve spent most of my career building DIFW. Since our inception in a small office in Denver, board members, donors, staff, and ultimately thousands of people in Denver helped build something thoroughly good. Committed centrally to the […]

Denver Institute for Faith & Work names Ross Chapman as Incoming CEO

The DIFW board of directors has unanimously selected Ross Chapman to lead the organization beginning this fall. Ross, his wife Candace, and their three boys are in the process of relocating to Denver from Evansville, Indiana, where he founded and led the nonprofit For Evansville since 2015. The board believes the organization is poised for a […]

Brian Gray
2022 Fellows Professional Projects Highlight

In May of this year, we graduated our sixth class of 5280 Fellows. Each spring of the Fellowship, we design, execute, and debrief our peers on a Professional Project. This project embodies the Fellowship theory of how people grow and impact others from the “inside out” — first through personal, then interpersonal, then organizational transformation. […]

Dustin Moody
The User Guide to Working With [Me]

It is said, “All disappointment is rooted in an unmet expectation.” But was that expectation spoken? Just assumed? Clear? Understood? Reasonable?This User Guide is an exercise in making our assumptions explicit. The purpose of this guide is to help teams, communities, and organizations accelerate the time it takes to work enjoyably and successfully together. This […]

Hilary Masell Oswald
Seeking the Common Good in a Small Place

Matt Allen used to be a Denverite and a dentist. Today, he and his family live in Salida, Colorado — population about 5,700 — and where he’s the CEO of a healthcare tech startup.But that’s not quite the whole story.Matt — a former 5280 Fellow who can still extract your aching tooth if you need […]