Are You Addicted to Productivity?

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As we start the new year, it can be easy to get wrapped up in setting new goals and intentions, implementing life hacks, and recording plans for all you can accomplish this coming year. But how might we begin to reflect on our relationship with productivity in a world where we are rewarded for our non-stop activity? And what does scripture teach us about what it means to be productive? Join Joanna Meyer, Abby Worland, and Brian Gray as they discuss what they have learned about this topic and share some of their practical advice.


On integration & stewardship:

"the gospel points us towards integration and stewardship of the life that we have for God's purposes." - Joanna Meyer

On being faithful in your work:

 "I think that is helpful for me to think that, even though I did not get everything done today, what I did finish was good if I was faithful in my work." - Abby Worland

On identity as God's beloved:

"I do want to produce, positively speaking, because I'm a steward of what God's given me because it's a unique opportunity. But it's downstream from my identity already as God's beloved." - Brian Gray


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