A Place To Start: Four Recommendations

With all the resources out there on theology, work and culture, where do I start? If you have a Sunday school class or small group, here are four great short video curricula that are perfect places to begin the journey.

For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles

For the Life of the World is a stunningly well-produced, 7 part short film series produced by the Acton Institute. This is an ideal resource for churches, college groups and even youth groups who are longing to live “in the world” but not be “of the world.” Topics include work, family, education, art/creativity, economy and church. It also comes with a study guide.


The ReFrame Film Project, by Regent University, is “is a dynamic and thought-provoking discipleship course that helps everyday people connect the Gospel with all aspects of life—everywhere.” This 10 session video series promises to be one of the best curricula available for recapturing a holistic gospel that touches all of life – including your work.

Barna – Frames

The “Frames” project put out by Barna Group is a series of 9 short reads on key cultural issues. “Wonder Woman” by Kate Harris, “20 and Something” by David Kim, and “Multi-Careering” by Bob Goff are particularly good.

Our Great Exchange

This 7 week curriculum focuses on the theme of stewardship over all of God’s creation. Videos, Bible passages and supplemental content, this is another good starting place for thinking broadly about work in terms of stewardship.