100th Episode! Favorite Moments Recap

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The Faith & Work Podcast celebrates its 100th episode with a recap of some of our favorite moments! Listen in as Joanna Meyer, Dustin Moody, and Catherine Sandgren share their personal favorites ranging from Dr. Russell Moore to Sandra McCraken. This is a fun and insightful episode that highlights the many ways our faith informs our work.


On not moving beyond shame:

If we could not be ashamed of the things for which God says you’re not to be ashamed, what’s the next thing that you would make? What’s the next conversation you would have? What’s the next repair of a ruptured relationship you would make?” – Curt Thompson

On courage:

Sometimes I think when people get scared, they start to think, ‘Well, this means that God’s absent, or it means that I’m doing the wrong thing.’ When actually, many times the fear that’s there is a sign of God’s presence, and a sign that something new is happening in your life. And I think that’s a pattern we see throughout the scriptures.” – Dr. Russell Moore

On knowing those around you:

“I would encourage any church leader, whether they’re the pastor or they’re lay leaders, to understand where the people in your church operate in this world. Because they have a unique gift that can be used to really help the church move beyond just serving to actually solving the problems…” – Donna Harris


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If you want to learn more check out The Faith & Work Classroom, an online resource that offers free courses on the different topics of faith and work.

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