You Are a Priest to the Marketplace featuring JoAnn Flett

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What does thinking theologically about your work mean? What does it look like and how is it lived out? In this week's episode, we hear from JoAnn Flett, executive director at The Center for Faithful Business at Seattle Pacific University. Listen in as JoAnn talks about the importance of being a "priest in the marketplace" and the implications it holds for Christians working in business today.


On priestly attributes:

"The priestly attributes that we are looking for here, priests are chosen for the high calling of priestly work, you're a holy people. And that holiness just to be clear, is not a holiness that requires you to withdraw, but it is an invitation to engage the world and the culture, that holiness is to be a representative of the person of God who is holy, be holy as I am holy."

On business being relational:

"...Business is also inherently relational. Think about how many times in a day, if you've been around business, there are team meetings, and group meetings, and your suppliers, and your customers, and your employees. All of these represent a gamut of relationships that you are to be responsible for stewarding, that you show up as being priestly too."

On mediating the presence of God:

"This idea that at the micro-level, you are business people and you're mediating God's presence to your coworkers. At the mezzo-level, the business organization that you represent, that organization mediates the presence of God in the world to suppliers and customers."


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