What Proverbs 31 Has to Say about… Business?

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When Christians think about scriptures that discuss business, Proverbs 31 may not be the first passage that comes to mind. Join Joanna Meyer as she discusses the topic of faith and business with Hannah Stolze, associate professor of supply chain management at Lipscomb University and executive director of the Wheaton College Center for Faith & Innovation.


On business as kingdom work:

"We weren't saved from this world," when we accept Jesus into our hearts, we're saved for this world." - N.T. Wright (paraphrased)

On examples in scripture:

"I think so many of the passages in the Bible that are personified through male examples or through male protagonists, the men get to own those personalities. We as women should just as equally own awesome women in business like Lydia and Proverbs 31."

On serving God in everything we do:

"If you can catch hold of one thing from this talk, I hope it's that we can actually serve God every minute of every day of our life, if we catch hold of the fact that God calls us to something really simple, to love Him and to love people."


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