To Lead with Love featuring Arthur Brooks

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How can Christian leaders be different from the world around them? What does it look like for businessmen and women to lead with love in their workplaces? In this episode, we hear from Arthur Brooks, Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School, as he shares his thoughts on how people of faith can help fuel the renewal of a better nation.


On leading through love:

"Nobody has ever been insulted into an agreement. You can only do that with love."

On seeking out the places in need of renewal:

"We need to go out looking for those places of contempt and be seen as leaders to answer it with love. Let's go places where people disagree with us. Where they have never heard our message. If you don't know where that is, you need to find more people who disagree with you."

On what it means to have moral courage:

"Moral courage is standing up to the people with whom you agree on behalf of those with whom you disagree. That's what we need to do in this country. That's how we need to fight back against this problem that we have, where we are at each other's throats constantly. We need to stand up for the other side as leaders."


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