The Science & Spirit of Calling

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What do Christians mean when they talk about "calling"? How do we discern what ours is and how do we implement it into our lives? In today's conversation, Joanna Meyer and Brian Gray talk with Dr. Bryan Dik, a vocational psychologist, and professor of psychology at Colorado State University, on how to discern our callings through spiritual practices and practical exercises. 


On building a support team:

"It recognizes that vocational discernment is best done not in a vacuum, but in the context of relationships...We lean on people who we identify with who have successfully gone through a process that we're going through ourselves."

On creating opportunity:

"Take a very active and engaged approach to the world where you are constantly out there, introduce yourself to people, meeting new people, attending different kinds of events. The more you are engaged in that kind of behavior, the more likely it becomes that something unforeseen happens. Then it's just about having the wisdom to evaluate, is this a real opportunity"

On assessments and resources:

"I think part of making decisions with wisdom means using resources that are shown to work well and helping people achieve good outcomes."


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