Summer Series: You Are an Agent of Flourishing

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Summer is a great time to rest, enjoy the nice weather, and listen to your favorite podcasts. Tune into the Faith & Work Podcast as we kick off a four-part summer series. In these episodes we will be featuring some of our best content filled with practical takeaways and great insights.

For our second conversation we hear from scholar and nonprofit leader Amy Sherman. Amy is a senior fellow at the Sagamore Institute, where she directs the Center for Faith in Communities. She is also the author of the book Agents of Flourishing: Pursuing Shalom in Every Corner of Society.


On engaging in stewardship:

"Our work is a central arena through which we engage in that stewardship. We have what I call vocational power. God calls us to use that power to advance what I call kingdom foretaste or Shalom foretaste..."

On vocational power:

“What I find when I talk with people about vocational power is that most people don't have a very robust sense of just how much they have [to offer]..."

On restorative work:

"When we are converted by Christ, when He calls us out of darkness into His kingdom of light, He is then calling us to participate in this larger restorative work that He is doing in the world."