Summer Series: Finding Joy When Work Isn’t Enjoyable

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Summer is a great time to rest, enjoy the nice weather, and listen to your favorite podcasts. Tune into the Faith & Work Podcast as we kick off a four-part summer series. In these episodes we will be featuring some of our best content filled with practical takeaways and great insights.

To kickoff this series we will hear from Shundrawn Thomas, founder and managing partner of The Copia Group, a bespoke investing firm based in Chicago, IL. At the time of the interview, he served as the president and CEO of Northern Trust, a trillion-dollar global investment management business. He is also the author of the book Discovering Joy in Work: Transforming Your Occupation into your Vocation.


On the life we live:

"The greatest joy as well as the greatest pain of living comes not only from what we live but even more from how we think and feel about what we are living." -Henri Nouwen

On changing our mindset:

“In order to discover the kind of joy that I'm talking about, I realized this for myself, you have to transform your mindset. And doesn't the Bible talk to us about that all the time? It says what we are transformed literally by the renewing of our mind. It's telling you if you want to experience life differently, any part of life including your work, it starts with a literal transformation of our mindset or our thinking."

On professional development:

"What's interesting if we're honest, a lot of times, we're letting work happen to us. But we're expecting other people to take responsibility for our professional and personal development. But you can decide every day in the context of your work what kind of person you are becoming..."


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If you enjoyed this topic and would like to learn more check out Shundrawn Thomas' book Discover Joy in Work: Transforming Your Occupation into your Vocation.