S6E1: Who Are We Becoming? Faith and Work’s Most Important Question

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Where is the faith and work movement going, and what can we learn from its history? How do we balance the strengths of capitalism against its excesses? Jeff Haanen talks with Drew Yancey, author of Transforming Enterprise?, on the integration of faith and work.


On the history of the faith and work movement:

"When the faith and work movement first emerged, it was easy to look at capitalism as this tool that Christians can use. It's sort of an amoral tool to advance the Kingdom of God. Today, I think it's required of us to think more deeply because we're far more aware of the excesses and the polarities of capitalism than ever before."

On asking better questions:

"When we think about the world in which we live as consumers and as working professionals, we're oriented towards a different question: where am I going? What am I accomplishing? Where's the next promotion or where's my salary going? I think Jesus calls us to engage those questions by paying attention to something deeper: who am I becoming in the process of this adventure of integrating faith and work?"

On the opportunities for the faith and work movement:

"We need to reclaim this movement as a movement that is fundamentally relational, that pushes back against the extraordinary individualism that is within our culture."


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