S5E7: Common Questions About Work (Part 2)

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What does "integrating" our faith and work look like? How do we love our neighbor through our work? And is "work/life balance" even possible? Hear more from Brian Gray, Joanna Meyer, and Dustin Moody as they explore these common questions about work.


On integrating faith and work:

"When we think about those things that challenge our sense of identity or worth, it's an opportunity where we can realize, 'Oh, This is personal to me.' I might be putting an aspect of my identity and worth into how much I can get done or whether or not everyone else thinks I'm adding value. Those are actually the property of the Lord and the Lord alone to speak to that value and worth for us...That's a concrete way to integrate faith and work."

On seeing God at work:

"So often, we think of a life with Christ as our personal journey...or it's the overtly spiritual work we do in the world. But Christ's death and resurrection has taken any area of our world that has been distorted or broken by sin and is in the process of redeeming it. We may never see that until Christ returns, but it's a process, we're living in that reality. And so, that means anywhere, any industry, any corner or neighborhood of our city that is experiencing the distortion and brokenness of sin is ripe for God to be at work."

On faithfulness and fruitfulness:

"We're actually not supposed to be productive, if we use a fruit and a vineyard analogy. Our task is not productivity–it's faithfulness. And faithfulness will lead in partnership with the Lord towards fruitfulness...But our responsibility is not total productivity and crop yield and all the ways that we typically have a dashboard in our organizations for certain metrics, it's faithfulness leading to overall fruitfulness, which is the shared property of us with the Lord and our workplace."


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